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Corporate stationery of a company usual consist of business cards (also called visiting cards), letterheads, envelopes and corporate folders (to carry the documents around). A well designed set of corporate stationery gives people the feeling of a well-established business that focuses on the consistency of its brand image.

Now a days people also experiment on new and innovative business card design to make them interesting so that it can be a subject of discussion when they meet a client or customer for the first time. Similarly, letterhead are printed with a texture on the back, envelopes may have a pattern in the inside and so on. All this effort pays off when customers or clients appreciate and compliment on the corporate stationery design.

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Why is Corporate Stationery Design so Important for any Business?

Corporate Stationery Design matter for a lot of reasons.:

  • Symbolises professionalism
  • Creates an impression that you truly care about your business image
  • Creates a connection between you and your client/customer
  • Pushes the brand identity further into the mind of the customer
  • In case of innovative form, often becomes a positive subject of discussion

Factors to consider for Business Card Design

It is important to remember that your business card not only provides your contact information but is also your key to a successful opening of a meeting.

  1. Do not be afraid to be different while making sure business card still reflects your business or service.
  2. Change the orientation of the card or you may even change the size of the business card. You need not stick with the available standard sizes. You can even have custom shapes, although it will increase the cost of the card.
  3. Colour, font & contents should be used in harmony with the nature of your business.
  4. Try to bring an X-Factor in your business card design.
  5. Make sure that the name of the company and the person is clearly visible.

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