Got fired? Try your luck at business.

I’m sorry that you got fired but that’s not the end of the story. Now you can give yourself a break and figure out what you can or like to do. So, chin up! I m about to help you on what you can do while you are searching for your job or whatsoever.

Here’s one story that might inspire you,

Walt Disney’s newspaper editor told the aspiring cartoonist he wasn’t creative enough.

In 1919, Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star. According to his boss, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”

He and his brother moved from Kansas to California and started producing a successful cartoon series .

following are ways that can help you figure out what to do next:

Restart your career/ Start over

It’s never late to start your career again. It’s finally time for a change, and not just a new job at a better company or business, but a whole new career in an entirely different industry. Refresh your mind, go for a small trip, relax and clear your mind so then you can come up with what exactly you want to start with. Its important to know that taking a break for some time to figure out things is alright; you don’t have to start immediately.

Know your hobbies / skills

While finding for a job you can start with a small business from what you like doing. This can save your time as well as helps you keep yourself busy. You don’t need to invest money in it. For eg. If you like photography, you might as well do something out of it. You never know how the business can turn out to be, you’ll only know if you try.

Various small business ideas

  1. Freelance writer
  2. Accountant
  3. Personal assistant
  4. Personal trainer
  5. Tutor
  6. Videography
  7. Photographer
  8. Personal chef
  9. Hairdressing or makeup artist
  10. Event planner
  11. Food truck owner
  12. Mobile phone repair/ accessories/ recharge
  13. Blogger or Vlogger
  14. Babysitting/ Childcare
  15. Stationery supply
  16. Packing services
  17. Homemade chocolates/ food
  18. Handicrafts
  19. Skin and beauty treatment
  20. Stitching clothes
  21. Marketing Services
  22. Social Media Consultant
  23. Website Developer
  24. Graphic Designer
  25. Art Gallery

No money to invest

Taking a small loan for starting a business can be helpful which later after your business works well can be repaid. There are many businesses that I have listed before that needs no investment like for eg: blogging, photography, graphic design, modelling, online training, etc. starting a business that needs no investment will be less stressful and can save your money.

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