Is your corporate identity appropriate for your business?

This is a sad story.

There was once a kind man called Ram who always wanted to help the poor and the needy. He used to collect used clothes and leftover food from his neighbours and relatives and bring them everyday for the poor people staying in the nearby shanties. And every day tears flowed out from his eyes after looking at the conditions in which the poor people stayed in. He decided to officially start a welfare organization where he would be able to collect funds from people eager to help and use the money to provide basic amenities to the poor in his town and improve their wellbeing. His heart was in the right place, yet he struggled with his purpose as he found it difficult to find donors who can donate enough to solve the cause.

Then one fine day he met an old friend and while talking about the work he did, his friend offered to introduce him to the owner of the company Mr. Sharma, where his friend worked. The friend said Mr. Sharma was a very kind-hearted person and will continue to fund Ram’s purpose if he felt Ram could utilize the funds for the right purpose i.e. to improve wellbeing of the poor. Ram was delighted.

The appointment was fixed. Ram was extremely excited as Mr. Sharma was one of the richest people in the state. If he decides to fund his welfare project, we might not have to worry about donations again. He dressed himself in his ‘best suit’ to look good and sharp for the meeting. As soon as he entered the office Mr. Sharma had one look at Ram and cancelled the meeting. What happened?

Ram came down for the meeting dressed in his ‘best suit’ but looking more like a business person. Mr. Sharma, who have seen and experience many people in his lifetime expected Ram to be looking like an average person dressed simpler. He didn’t feel Ram will utilize the funds for welfare of poor, rather might misuse the funds. Since Mr. Sharma was a very busy man, he decided to cancel the meeting and not waste his time.

For Ram, although he was passionate and honest person, dressing inappropriately cost him dearly as he lost a big opportunity that would have otherwise help him in his struggle. Ram was good inside, but his intensions didn’t reflect outside.

Similarly, for any business it’s corporate identity plays a very important role in sending the right signals to its audience. The right business or brand logo designed to reflect the values of the business complemented with properly crafted stationery, website, product packaging and marketing collateral are few things that must be invested in if an entrepreneur wants to make sure his business makes the right impression. And this investment doesn’t have to be a lot. There are many branding agencies out there that can help. Just like which provides all the branding services at reasonable prices. Visit to know more.

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