Why only 25% payment deposit to start any project?

We understand the fact that giving and gaining trust online is difficult. For us, 25% advance payment is a confirmation of your project. For you 25% payment will be a litmus test, so that:

  1. You don’t part with a larger amount for advance payment.
  2. You can be sure that we can deliver designs as promised.
  3. You check the quality of our services to your expectation and satisfaction.

Successful online shops like Amazon and Flipkart had to work out various schemes to gain trust. We are doing our part.

How should I start a project with Logos Associated?

Just ‘Place Order’ for all the services you need. Proceed to checkout, and make the payment online. As soon as we receive an order, our branding consultant will be in touch with you to explain the procedure for the project. You will be provided a link to an online questionnaire which you are expected to fill up so that our designers get the exact details they need.

Do you accept credit card?

Yes we do except payments through credit cards (Visa & Master Card), debit cards and net-banking for customers in India. We have a PayPal gateway for the rest of the work where you can pay via credit cards or through your PayPal account.

What happens after I place the order with 25% payment deposit?

You will received an order confirmation email and our brand consultant will get in touch with you on phone to explain the procedure for the project. You will be provided a link to an online questionnaire which you are expected to fill up so that our designers get the exact details they need.

When do I pay the balance amount for project?

As soon as you get the initial drafts and being sure that the designs are to your expectations, to move ahead you need to payment the balance amount. At this point you will have gained the trust and confidence in Logos Associated without paying a higher amount.

What if I don't like any initial options? Do I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately no. Let us be honest with you, for us time and creativity are our raw-materials. The time spent on understanding the project and working on the initial options is actually worth more than the advance payment you make. But to help you protect your investment, we are starting with a low deposit amount. Our aim is to provide designs that can go beyond your expectations and complete the project to your satisfaction, if not more.

Will I be able to trademark my logo?

Yes you will be. We follow a ‘No Internet Inspiration’ protocol while we work on your project. That way we are able to maintain originality in our work.

What if I get objections when I apply for a trademark? Will you help?

Yes we will help. In a rare case of coincidence where the logo is similar of another already registered trademark, we will help you revise the design. Or you can choose again from the other options provided to you.

How soon can you complete a project?

Every projects requires different efforts. But we will try to finish within the shortest period of time, without compromising on quality.

Will I get the working or source files of a project?

Yes you will receive all the files.

I have multiple projects. Can I get a discount?

In case you have multiple project, place your order online. Our brand consultant will discuss it with you when he calls you. The discounted amount will be adjusted when you pay the balance amount.

I wouldn't mind paying up full. Can I get a discount?

If you are paying up the full amount, we can give you a discount of 10%. Just email make@brandbanao.com and we will send you a coupon code.

How should I communicate with your team with regards to the project? Email or Phone?

We recommend communication for email as there are no communication gaps. But if you are in a hurry, you can use your phone to contact us.