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Are you looking for business website design solutions? A properly designed and developed business website plays a very important role in building the future of the company. Not only does it provide a good online presence but it also helps in generating business revenue for the company. One should think of their company or business website as hiring a great ‘sales person’ who will work 24×7 for them … without any boundaries to geographical location, without asking for a salary and without taking rest or breaks. That is the true power of a business website design.

We offer you website solutions that can make your website –

  1. searchable by certain keywords related to your business
  2. quick loading by having cleaner coding to prevent visitor exits
  3. easy to navigate to help visitors find the right information faster
  4. have engaging and relevant content, that can keep visitors on the website longer
  5. have easily spot-able ‘call to action’ links and buttons for visitors to inquire for more information regarding your product.

Types of Business Website Design Solutions to Choose From

Static Website

Static website is the best option for you if the content on your website will not be changing for months. Static websites are faster to load and it does not require high configuration hosting. But with static websites, you won’t be able to add blogging features or other advanced features such as shopping, content management system/CMS etc.


Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites gives you the abilities to make changes to the content of the website all by yourself as it is featured with CMS (content management system). If created with a proper backend structure, your staff will be able to manage the website by themselves. You can also do daily blogging on the website and many features can be added such as CRM, social media marketing, intelligent inquiry response, etc. Dynamic websites need a database and therefore it will require high configuration hosting if you want it to perform adequately.


Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites are everything a dynamic website can do, but with the ability to display products with a great online shopping experience. It can also accept payment online with the help of payment gateway integration. Just like dynamic websites, ecommerce websites need high configuration hosting. Not only that, it is advisable to have SSL (secure socket layer) installed on the hosting to ensure security on the website.


Get Your Business Website Design Solutions From Us

Important Factors to consider for Effective Business Website Designing


This tops our list because no matter how beautiful your website is, if your website pages are not not ranking on Google then you have a car without an engine.


Website speed can make or break your entire company. Without a quick loading website, your visitors will tire from waiting for the website to load and exit after the initial web page.

Aesthetics & Content

The look and feel of your page is just as important as the functionality. A good looking website imparts a feeling of trust and reliability while a well written content keeps the visitor informed and engaged.


The website should be designed to make it easier for the visitor to find the required information and perform the desired action such as making an inquiry or buy a product.

Multi-Device Friendly

This is also called responsive. More than 65% people visit website on mobile phones. The website design should provide the same kind of experience to both mobile and laptop/desktop users.

Easy To Maintain

May the website be static, dynamic or ecommerce, the back-end of the website should be created to ensure the website is easy to maintain and backup during intervals.

Our Recent Business Website Design Solutions

I.T. Company Dynamic Website

Gradient M is a next generation I.T. delivery company head quartered in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Check the website on

Pharmaceutical Dynamic Website

Celagenex LLC is a result focused pharmaceutical research company located at California, USA. Check the website on

Skin Care Ecommerce Website

Skin Doctors (India) is a regional ecommerce website of the world renowned Skin Doctors from Australia. Check the website on

Educational Consultant Website

Flag Circle Overseas Education is a multi-function consultancy for all international study requirements. Check the website on

Recruitment Static Website

Alliance HR is is a leading professional recruitment consultancy specialising in talent acquisition, operating from Singapore. Check the website on

Import-Export Dynamic Website

Sidvi Impex is an exporting company providing Indian products at a competitive price to foreign buyers. Check the website on

Why Choose Brand Banao?

There are various advantages to order for professional business website designing solutions from Brand Banao. Our graphic designers and website developers can design and setup a website that can work well for your business. It accomplishes all the things you’re looking for an efficiently performing website. We listen to you and understand what your business is, and we translate that into a website that makes a performs perfectly.

Employing Brand Banao will also save you time. Unless you have website design and development experience, it will take you lots of extra effort to design a website, and that’s the last thing you need while you’re launching your new company. Because this is our work, we know how to conceptualise and create a great website within estimated deadlines. This means you can stop putting your precious hours into website designing and instead focus them on the areas where you best serve your company’s interests.

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